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What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?What are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

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Our Experience

Guardian Training & Consulting brings together over 30 years of military, law enforcement, and personal security experience to provide you with the best possible training and consulting environment to meet your needs. Contact us if you are ready to take your personal security and safety needs to the next level. Click below for our Facebook page.

Why Us?

What are you doing to prepare for tomorrow? 

This is our mission statement because everyday could be the last day before an incident in your life that could drastically change the course of it. We want you to choose the best.

Trust Guardian Training & Consulting for your personal security and safety training needs. We bring together our training and experience to provide you realistic, legal, responsible, and relevant training to your daily needs. We want ZERO victims that train with us going forward. 

Industry Partners

united states concealed carry association (USCCA)


 Guardian is proud to partner with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).If you wish to sign up, please contact Tracy Barry at 714-329-2761 or

About USCCA: 

You want safety and security for your family, but as a responsibly armed American you realize that means much more than just owning a gun.

USCCA Membership brings you industry-leading education, training & the trusted legal protection you need to protect your family with confidence. Join over 300,000 gun owners who’ve used the U.S. Concealed Carry Association to transform themselves into a community of responsibly armed Americans and finally get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for…

haley strategic partners


 Guardian Training & Consulting is proud to work alongside Haley Strategic Partners. Haley Strategic Partners is a product & training company that specializes in performance shooting based on a sports performance model as well as tactics based on realistic and proven techniques. 

As of now Guardian will be hosting their Arizona Concealed Carry Courses at Haley Strategic Partners in Scottsdale, Arizona. 



 50 state legal under the Farm Bill of 2018.

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This veteran owned and operated organization produces CBD oil for first responders, military, and everyday citizens who are subject to drug-free workplaces but wish the pain relieving qualities of  Cannabidiol.
The   Cannabidiol  extracted from hemp plants is 100% American grown and processed to ensure the highest quality standards are met.
Their mission:

Products You Can Trust.

Farmed with American Values


On Duty is a veteran-operated business on a mission to provide you with sustainably farmed health and wellness products. We are proud to bring you trusted, veteran-farmed products that are distilled with American values from farm to family. 

archway defense


Guardian Training & Consulting's premier training partner is veteran and law enforcement owned and operated, Archway Defense. The team at Guardian Training & Consulting have worked with the team and trained with the team at Archway Defense. 


Archway Defense offers a myriad of training courses to include their popular and very well received, Free Law Enforcement Course to include their Law Enforcement Only Rifle Course (LEORC) sponsored by JP Rifles, Heckler & Koch, Maxim Defense, and Shot Force Pro. 


Their mission statement is: "With training comes peace of mind"

call sign coffee company


 Guardian Training & Consulting, being a veteran owned and operated training organization supports fellow veteran owned and operated businesses. 

Use the promo code "guardian20" in checkout and receive 20% off your order courtesy of this partnership.

Our long hours and days creating curriculum, classroom time, and range time is fueled by our discipline in our field and Call Sign Coffee. Karen and Instructor J's coffee mugs are always filled with Call Sign Coffee. 

Call Sign Coffee was started by a 25 year Army veteran and his wife and continues serving today with their coffee brand and serving with local veteran organizations.

Bowdacious Creations


Guardian Training & Consulting's training uniforms and swag is created by this professional and family owned organization. It is the ONLY embroidery company we trust.

About Bowdacious Creations:

Bowdacious Creations is a custom embroidery provider plus a whole lot more. 

We are a full service professional embroidery and design business.

Check out all of our services and products to see what we can do for you. Think of us as your one stop apparel and accessories place.

For more information contact Marie Brown at